Does Spotify work with Alexa?

Spotify is a great streaming music service with an enormous variety of music, play lists, podcasts, and more.  One might think that you could only use Amazon Music with Alexa, since Alexa is the Amazon smart assistant.  But this is one of the areas Amazon plays nicely with other services. You can definitely use Spotify … Read more

How Much Does Alexa Smart Home Cost

Alexa, Amazon’s smart home assistant, is a great choice for controlling all your smart home devices.  But people often wonder, how much does Alexa cost. The short answer is that Alexa is free.  So, you can use Alexa without paying for anything at all.  However, if you want to use Alexa with smart devices, you … Read more

How Many Smart Bulbs Can Alexa Control?

A lot of people use Alexa to control their smart homes.  From smart cameras to smart door locks to smart coffee makers – Alexa does it all.  Probably the most ubiquitous smart devices of all are the smart bulbs. There is a lot of debate about how many smart bulbs Alexa can actually control.  The … Read more

How do I Share Alexa Routines with My Family

Automating routines with Alexa is an essential part of an Alexa controlled smart home.  Creating custom routines makes life easier by automating standard tasks throughout the day. You can easily share Alexa routines with friends and family. Depending on your situation there are a couple of ways to share Alexa routines. How to Share a … Read more

What music do you get on Alexa without Prime?

You might be wondering if music on Alexa is free without Amazon Prime. What kind of music do you get if you don’t want to subscribe to Amazon Prime?  It turns out, that you can get a lot of music for free without Prime, but you do have to put up with ads to get … Read more

Can Alexa Play my MP3 Files?

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, can do a lot of things.  She can answer questions, tell you the weather, place phone and video calls and can even control your smart devices. But can she play your personal MP3 files? Amazon Alexa can play local MP3 files, but only under certain conditions.  The most direct way to … Read more

What devices can trigger Alexa routines?

Amazon Alexa’s routine function is great for automating certain features of your smart home.  You can set up a routine by adding a trigger event, which could be a time of day or a command to Alexa.  Then, you add whatever actions you want Alexa to perform on that trigger. Contact sensors, motion sensors, and … Read more

How do I Create an Alexa Smart Home Routine?

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, makes automating recurring tasks a breeze.  Amazon uses the term “Routine” for an action or a set of actions that you want to happen on a periodic basis or when a specific event occurs. The only way to create an Alexa smart home routine is from the Alexa app for smart … Read more

Can Alexa Control Smart Bulbs?

Alexa is the popular smart assistant from Amazon.  She is available on a multitude of platforms, including smart phones and smart Televisions, but also on Amazon’s extensive line up of smart devices. Yes, you can easily use Alexa to control most Smart Bulbs, as well as a multitude of other smart home devices.  Just look … Read more

Can You Use Alexa without the Internet?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant and is available through many devices.  The most popular devices are smart phones, smart TVs, and Amazon specific devices like the Fire TV, Echo Dot and Echo Show.  The one thing they all have in common is that to get full functionality you will need the Internet. So, the short … Read more